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Opus Minor (LP 2019)

Monster Mélodies presents an unpublished recording of Opus Minor, an underground Parisian group with undeniable musical qualities, who gave numerous concerts during its brief existence from 1970 to 1973 but never had the opportunity to publish its recordings. The record consists of an instrumental track, seven songs sung in French and three more songs in English, in which the band, beyond its influences, creates its own musical universe.



Guy « guitou » Aicart : crumbs

Jean-Louis « jésus » Grassi : bass and vocals

Jean-Claude « cloclo » Lardrot : keyboards and vocals

Philippe « boileau » Marcenac : electric guitar and vocals

Daniel « dada » Reynet : sound, stewardship, technical attendance  


Sound recordings: Philippe Graziano                                              

Photos: Mireille Reynet

Record cover illustration: Jean-Claude Lardrot

Opus Minor (LP 2019)

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