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Les Idoles

Limited edition coloured vinyl

1000 numbered copies only​

Includes 3 special inserts

Gatefold cover


Warning: The recording of this album is different from that of the album “Les Idoles” published in 1967.


“Les Idoles” is a mythical record of sixties psyche rock prefiguring punk. A work which in style had no equivalent in France at the time. Thanks to the performance of the Rollsticks, a rock band created from scratch with musicians from different musical worlds, to accompany the erratic vocalizations of actors Pierre Clémenti, Bulle Ogier and Jean Pierre Kalfon. The band consists of Patrick Greussay (who became part of Calcium) on the drums and guitars, Stephane Vilar (who became part of Calcium, PLVG), Didier Léon (future accomplice of Barney Wilen), Didier Malherbe (who became part of Gong and Clearlight amongst other bands), Jacques Zins (who became part of Calcium) and with the participation of Yvan Julien (jazzman composer trumpeter and conductor) and Michel Portal (jazzman composer and saxophonist).


The recording of this album is different from the album “Les Idoles” published in 1967 under the reference CBS 62812, recorded in June 1966 in Barclay studios. The record company needed to make the record when the film was released to have the music recorded six months in advance, as it was practiced at the time. The unreleased recording we offer today was made during the shooting of the film in 1967 at the Davout Studio to use in the film. During these sessions, the musicians really knew the repertoire inside out and the music is more intense, more powerful, which makes it very interesting. Made from master tapes found in the archives, this new album with the exception of "Et floc c'est la tasse" and "Chanson de l'archevêque" dispensable titles whose tapes have been definitively lost, includes practically the same titles as the 1967 album, but in different interpretations to which unreleased instrumentals have been added.

Les Idoles

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