M O V I N G  G E L A T I N E  P L A T E S

For the legendary band: Moving Gelatine Plates's 45th birthday, Monster Mélodies collaborated with them to release 1000 numbered copies of an album of unreleased tracks recorded between 1970 and 1978.


The translucent pink gelatine coloured vinyl comes in a luxury sleeve which opens up, containing a flyer with a family tree illustration of the different components of the band, a postal card of a vintage promotional poster and a 7 inch record which is an identical reproduction of the one originally made in December 1970 as ONE COPY ONLY, a record which comprised the two first unreleased versions recordings of the X25 (6'49) and London cab (2'00) aired only on the radio France Inter at the Pop Club of Jose Arthur.


Beginning recordings of the band are completely different from later studio version edited on the first Moving Gelatine Plates album. These historical recording have been restored from old tapes and acetates in the best condition.


French progressive rock and fusion band from the early 1970's. They were strongly influenced by Canterbury bands like Soft Machine and Caravan, and are often compared to the Dutch band Supersister. 

Later the band shortened the name to Moving (due to contractual ties) and released a third album. After a very long hiatus in activity they reformed in 2006 issuing the album "Removing". This anthology album documents early sessions and live recordings, and fills-in the history between the the CBS records and the Moving LP.


All tracks Composed by (Didier Thibault, Gérard Bertram, Gérard Pons, Maurice Helmlinger) except Astromonster (Gérard Bertram) and Galantine/ Synthème/ Like a flower (Didier Thibault)

Tracks one, two and three recorded live at theater 105 at the Maison de l'ORTF on 26 may 1972. Tracks four and five recorded live at the studio 104 at the Maison de la radio on13 april 1978. Track 6 recorded at Marc Profichet' house in Bagneux in 1979 (nine years after the band play it live at the Bourget festival on 30 march 1970 and ten years before the version studio recorded and edited in 2006 on the album Removing).


A1 The World Of Genius Hans

A2 Astromonster

A3 London Cab

B1 Galantine

B2 Syntheme

B3 Like A Flower

C Untitled

D Untitled