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F I L L E  Q U I  M O U S S E 

Trixie Stapleton 291

Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle




First time official reissue of legendary album and final edition of Fille Qui Mousse, a cult French prog/avant-garde jazz poetry LP, originally recorded in 1971 and composed by Henri-Jean Enu.


Limited edition of only 500 numbered copies.

The red translucent vinyl comes in a luxury gatefold sleeve, presenting unpublished photos of the group and containing two postcards reproducing the vintage concert posters and an insert with an unpublished text by Henri- Jean Enu.

Underground experimental rock band from Paris circa 1970-72. Fille Qui Mousse was led by Henri-Jean Enu, an experimental artist and editor of the underground arts and music newspaper "Parapluie". They were never a stable group, but were in a state of constant flux. 

Although signed to Futura Records, their LP was never properly released and became a rare and mythical collectable, notorious for being included on the Nurse With Wound list, it eventually gained official CD release in the 1990's.

The group was created from the culmination of a movement born after the Second World War, counter culture and the apparition of Lettrism, founded by Isidore ISOU (1) who wrote the book " The Uprising Youth " accompanied by Gabriel POMERAND(2), Maurice LEMAITRE (3), Jean-Louis BRAU(4), Guy DEBORD(5), Gil WOLMAN(6). 



The band consisting of Barbara Lowengreen (vocals), Bernard Gilson (guitar), Sylvie Péristéris (sound effects), Henri-Jean Enu (guitar, vocals), Denis Gheerbrandt (vocals), Daniel Hoffmann (guitar), Benjamin Legrand (piano, vocals), Dominique Lentin (percussion), Jean-Pierre Lentin (guitar, bass), Léo Sab (violin), François Guildon (guitar) recorded its only album in one day on 8th July 1971. 


Fille qui mousse is on the list established by Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak of the 291 musicians who influenced the band Nurse With Wounds.

A1 Cantate Disparate 5:44

A2 Transcription Interrompue 0:55

A3 Fraîcheur Et Amalgame 2:00

A4 Esplanade 8:10

B1 Résistance Instinctive 2:32

B2 Quatriéme Épisode 1:02

B3 Transplantation 3:05

B4 Antinomique 3:04

B5 L'eau Était Vitale

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