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A M E  S O N


45 tours


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In 1969 Marc Blanc (singer, drummer, guitarist) Patrick Fontaine (bassist) Bernard Lavialle (guitar) and François Garrel (vocal, flute) created the group AME SON. One of the rare psychedelic music groups in France. Revealed to the public at the Amougies festival, where the group plays on the same program as Gong, Franck Zappa and the Pretty Things, they will soon record Catalyze, an album produced in two days in London which will be released on the Byg label. 


Unfortunately after having played many times on stage, notably at the Les Halles, Le Bourget, and Biot festivals, the group split up in 1971. The album Catalyze has since become cult has been reissued many times in Germany, Italy, England, Sweden. , Spain by different vinyl or CD labels. The group reformed briefly in 1974 with among others Jean Louis Aubert (future Telephone), Jacques Dudon (ex Guillain band, ex assembly), drummer Marc Daum, Alain Broda (future bassist of Herbe rouge). A compilation album from this period will be released in 1998 under the title Primitive expression.


Contacted by the Bordeaux Museum of Contemporary Art as part of an exhibition on psychedelia, the group reformed again in 2008 and performed on stage at several events, notably in Brussels and at Point Éphémère. In the original formation, the group joined Roméo Blanc on guitar. In 2013, the label Monster Mélodies reissued the album of Daevid Allen's group BANANA MOON BAND, a first version of Gong, in which Marc Blanc and Patrick Fontaine had participated before setting up AME SON. Then, is published by this same label the unpublished recordings of the group ECLOSION formed by Marc Blanc, Léon Cobra and Bernard Stisi between 1970 and 1972.


New titles of AME SON have been recorded since 2014 with Marc Blanc again on drums and on vocals, François Garrel on flute and bass and Roméo Blanc on guitar and vocals. Sessions interrupted by the sudden death of François Garrel in 2015. Today, the self-produced single "Black trees", limited to 500 copies, appears in preview. An extract from the future album which will be completed by a new team in 2017 to continue to develop the original concept: AME SON.

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